Monthly Archives: April 2015

Amid net neutrality debate, Competition Commission looks at possible unfair ways

April 10, 2015

CCI chairman Ashok Chawla told PTI that it is trying to understand whether such practices are just sectoral or tariff issues or whether they violate competition norms. The matter is at a preliminary stage, he added.

Competition Commission is looking at whether telecom and Internet service providers are engaging in unfair business practices by providing preferential treatment for select mobile applications and websites.
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Would be class action plaintiffs withdraw Google unfair competition suit

April 6, 2015

Plaintiffs Daniel McKee and Gary Feitelson withdrew their lawsuit against search giant Google on April 3. The plaintiffs argued that Google was engaging in unfair competition through the design of its Android smart phone operating system. By requiring hardware manufacturers that use the Android operating system to favor Google online content properties like Youtube and not loading competing search engine apps like Microsoft’s Bing, Google was engaged in unfair competition.
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