New rules on ads to prevent unfair competition

January 12, 2015

The Commercial Advertisement and Unfair Trade Practices Directive issued by the Ministry of Customs and Commerce has been published in the Official Gazette and is now implemented. The new directive, which will initiate a new era in advertising, bans immoral ads that force parents to increase their purchases. Elements that encourage children toward violent acts will now be prohibited. Further, product prices will not include phrases such as “only,” “just,” et cetera. Companies will be able to advertise by using titles, logos and other distinguishing marks of their competitors without misleading or deceiving consumers or causing unfair competition. Any information or data included in advertisements must be provable. If any ad includes the phrase “No. 1,” this also needs to be provable. Ads that include the price of the product or the service should also include all taxes, and consumers will not be misled by ambiguous phrases such as “discount up to…,” as ads will need to include the actual sales price. The broadcast ban will be applied to fortunetellers and psychics. Further, in tourism, prices of foreign holiday packages or tours will be displayed in Turkish Lira. (DAILY SABAH)