Armenian anti-trust watchdog warns 80 companies over unfair competition in using “eco” or “bio”

November 21, 2014

YEREVAN – Armenia’s State Commission for Protection of Economic Competition has issued severe warnings to 80 companies for unfair competition in using “eco” and “bio” labeling, the regulator’s press office reported on November 20, 2014.

The watchdog carried out large-scale studies and revealed violations by companies producing foodstuffs and nonfoods and labeling them as “organic” or “biological”, according to the report.

The study covered some 100 companies using “organic”, “ecological” or “biological” labels or the respective abbreviations. The study found out this labeling is often misleading and creates an impression about certain advantages of products with such labels over the others, says the report.

According to the law, as from January 1 2014, these labels can be used only by economic entities manufacturing or selling organic agricultural products. Otherwise, the use of these terms is inadmissible.

A total of 80 companies are found to have violated these requirements, with 55 of them using “eco”, 20 companies suing “bio” and 5 others using “organic”, the regulator says.

The companies are instructed to correct all violations. The watchdog also says it will continue strict control over the situation. The full list of these companies will be posted on the regulator’s website. (ARKA)

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