eMAG fined EUR 388,000 in Bulgaria for unfair competition

November 28, 2014

The Bulgarian Competition Council fined Dante International, owner of online retailer eMAG, with a total of BGN 758,300 (EUR 387,500) for unfair practices during two promotional campaigns, according to Sofia Globe, quoted by Mediafax.

According to the institution, eMAG was fined for commercials promising the biggest sale of the year. eMag was fined BGN 551,550 representing 4 percent of the retailers income in 2013 for its Black Friday campaign.

The Council fined another BGN 206.300 representing 1.5 percent of 2013′s income for the “Tassimo 1+1″ campaign, where clients that bought an espresso machine received another as a gift.

The institution says that according to Bulgarian law, the gift was higher than the maximum allowed value and it “distorted the competitive environment.


eMAG reacted to the announcement by describing the Bulgarian authorities’ measure as “abusive and unjust” and an appeal is forthcoming. Iulian Stanciu, general manager eMAG, also specified in the statement that the Black Friday campaign from 2013 was the one called to question, which generated sales of only EUR 1,000.

“The Bulgarian authorities’ decision is abusive and unjust. We will appeal it and according to our lawyers we will surely win the case, we won’t be liable for anything. It is no coincidence this announcement was made this morning, on November 28, when we were running the Black Friday campaign in Bulgaria, eMAG being the only company to run the event online. We can interpret this fact as pressure added on local competitors through our good offers and prices. As evidence of this abuse, we sold 6 espresso machines with a total value of EUR 1,000 in the campaign for which we were fined with EUR 105,000″, Iulian Stanciu argued. (By Newsroom)

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